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Thanksgiving Pool 2021

Universal Special Events
Thanksgiving Pool 2021

How it works: Your box # is the same for all three games on November 25, 2021.

Cost: $150 per game.(payment is due by November 22th, 2021)

First Quarter: $1,500.00
Half Time: $2,500.00
Third Quarter: $1,500.00
Final Score: $4,500.00
First Quarter Reverse: $750.00
Half Time Reverse: $1,500.00
Third Quarter Reverse: $750.00
Final Score Reverse: $2,000.00

Click on the links below to view and print out a copy of each pool.

Thanksgiving Pool

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions12:30pm11/25/2021
Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys4:30pm11/25/2021
Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints8:20 pm11/25/2021