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Universal Special Events - Tomato Party

Tomato Party

“Se non si sa le regole del gioco, non si può giocare” – If you don’t know the rules of the game, you can’t play. A common saying in Italy, that can be applied to the rules of jarring tomatoes for fresh homemade sauce. If the tradition hasn’t been passed down through your family from generation to generation the skill and art of jarring tomatoes would be lost on you. But you’re in luck! Universal Special Events will help you regain and keep the tradition alive. Tomato season begins in June and ends in August. However, through the intricate, yet highly rewarding process of jarring, you can enjoy fresh tomato sauce all year round.

Most people tend to shy away from making fresh tomato sauce due to the amount of equipment needed (45 gallon drums, jars, gigantic boiling pots, burners, propane, tomato crusher, bushels of tomatoes, fresh basil / salt) and especially all of the clean up afterwards!

Universal Special Events will do it all for you! Take care of all the hard work and preparation, so you can fully enjoy this great experience with your loved ones. All you have to do is show up & PARTICIPATE in the making of the sauce! It’s one big party when you’re sharing this true bonding experience with family and friends.

Come empty handed…leave with fresh tomato sauce made by you and memories to last a lifetime.

Call or email us today to book your party. Phone #: 516-485-4151 Email: cardiokids@aol.com